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Recap Schoone Leij Spring Activity

Saturday the 29th our alumni association held their yearly Spring Activity. Several Mollier members and a lot of just graduated students joined this activity. The day started with a canoe trip of 8 km over the Dommel. Luckily, none of the canoes flipped over and we all stayed dry, which was quite the achievement if you know that there was quite some competition along the way and some teams even finished backwards.

Around 18:00 we went to Scouting Angelo Roncalli to close of the day with a nice BBQ and a drink. Sitting next to an enormous fire pit, a lot of memories were exchanged and the new Schoone Leij members were announced (getting their official Schoone Leij pin). Somewhere late during the night (or early in the morning) everybody went home or to bed, closing of this day. We want to thank everyone for joining us on the Spring Activity of Schoone Leij! See you at the next activity!


Schoone Leij Spring Activity

Our alumni association is organizing their spring activity on the 29th of April, with the possibility to stay till the 30th.

There is a program full of exciting activities and after this you can relax with a drink at the BBQ. For the real die-hards is possible to end the evening with a drink and tales around the campfire and to stay overnight. Breakfast will be provided the morning after.
The activity will take place in / around Eindhoven and costs € 25, – per person for Mollier members. The activity begins 29 April around 14:00 and will end around 12.00 on the 30th of April (exact times will follow). It is also possible to join in around the starting time of the BBQ (±17.30u).

Registration is closed!

Schoone Leij Spring Activity

Dear members of Mollier / aspirant members of Schoone Leij,

As usual alumni association Schoone Leij organizes a spring activity each year. This activity is a gathering of alumni and Mollier members. This year a thrilling activity is planned, followed by a BBQ and drinks as closure. Costs for this activity is set at €10 for Mollier members (and at €50 for alumni) for the whole afternoon and evening. Costs are €5 for Mollier members (€25 for alumni) if only joining at the BBQ. The day will start at 15:00 o’clock and will approximately end at 20:00. Location for the activity is Eindhoven.

A subscription is required for this activity. The subscription is open until the 21st of May. By then you must also have transferred the money. Only then will your subscription be definitive due to the limited number of participants. Information regarding the payment will (more…)

Schoone Leij Spring Activity

Saturday 2nd of May the spring activity with our alumni association Schoone Leij took place with about 25 persons. The program started with a high rope parcours in the trees. Then we built a catapult out of five trunks, one rubber band and a couple of ropes in 4 teams.  When we all finished our catapults, we competed by shooting tennis balls.

The active part of the day ended, so it was time to relax with unlimited drinks and a barbecue. At the end of the barbecue the new website was released.

Everything comes to an end, even this day. For some it was still early, so we ended our day at O’Sheas, where a live band played.

We hope to see you next time at the activity with Schoone Leij!

Voorjaarsactiviteit Schoone Leij & Mollier

Ook dit jaar vind er weer de jaarlijkse voorjaarsactiviteit van onze alumni vereniging Schoone Leij plaats en wel op zaterdag 2 mei!

Dit jaar heeft Schoone Leij een een verslingerende activiteit van hoog niveau in het verschiet, waarna we gezellig gaan bbq’en onder het genot van een drankje.
De activiteit zal plaatsvinden in Eindhoven en kost € 35,- per persoon voor de gehele dag.
We beginnen om 13.00u en zullen rond 19.30-20.00u eindigen.
Aanmelden kan tot en met 18 april. Dan moet ook het inschrijfgeld overgemaakt zijn op rekening NL23INGB0678621985 t.n.v. Sander ter Mors (betaling =aanmelding).

Het is ook mogelijk alleen te komen bbqen (vanaf ±16.30u). De kosten hiervoor zijn €25,-. Belangrijk detail, hierbij zijn de kosten voor de drank 3 uur lang in inbegrepen!!;)

Het bestuur van Schoone Leij (en uiteraard ook dat van Mollier) hoopt jullie dit jaar wederom in de groten getale te mogen verwelkomen. Tot dan!

Spring activity Schoone Leij

Spring activity alumni association Schoone Leij

Saturday 28th of June the late spring activity with our alumni association Schoone Leij took place with about 20 persons. The program started with high land games, where the alumnus competed against the students. After the games, archery, sawing logs, throwing tree trunks, tree trunk estafette and tug of war, the alumnus have been announced as the winners! After these tough games, more relaxing games followed such as Twister, Tower of Pisa and Mikado.

The active part of the day ended, so the group went to La Gitana for unlimited tapas and drinks, where the people who could not be present the whole day, joined the group. After this dinner, the four new alumnus Rick van Pruissen, Karin Conen, Mark de Waard and Ellen Boesten got pinned their alumnus badge.

Following the dinner, people who still felt themselves students, went to the barstreet where they finished their day!

We hope to see you next time at the activity with Schoone Leij!

Constitution 19th board, 24th of September



Schoone Leij and Mollier

Spring activity Schoone Leij

Do you want to meet already alumni students before you are graduated? Now it is possible to sign in for the (a bit late) spring activity at 28th of June. It is also possible that the Dutch national soccer team have to play that evening. If it is, Schoone Leij will fix that we can watch it together.


13:00 Gather at the centrum of Eindhoven (exact location will follow)
13:30 Competitive outdoor/indoor activity
18:00 Unlimited food and drink in Eindhoven
Open-ended drinks in a café


Whole program
Competitive activity and unlimited food and drink € 45,00
Only diner
Unlimited food and drink € 27,50

If you sign in for this activity, you will become an aspirant member of the alumni association Schoone Leij. This aspirant membership is free and non-committal.

Eat, talk, laugh during dinner and The Great Lustrum Quiz

Lustrum alumni association Schoone Leij

Saturday the 30th of November 2013 signified a special day in the history of s.v.b.p.s. Mollier. Not only would this day have been the 150th birthday of Richard Mollier (The Godfather of all members of s.v.b.p.s. Mollier, ever!), this year we also had the great honour and true pleasure to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Schoone Leij, the alumni association for students of s.v.b.p.s.