Schoone Leij and Mollier

Spring activity Schoone Leij

Do you want to meet already alumni students before you are graduated? Now it is possible to sign in for the (a bit late) spring activity at 28th of June. It is also possible that the Dutch national soccer team have to play that evening. If it is, Schoone Leij will fix that we can watch it together.


13:00 Gather at the centrum of Eindhoven (exact location will follow)
13:30 Competitive outdoor/indoor activity
18:00 Unlimited food and drink in Eindhoven
Open-ended drinks in a café


Whole program
Competitive activity and unlimited food and drink € 45,00
Only diner
Unlimited food and drink € 27,50

If you sign in for this activity, you will become an aspirant member of the alumni association Schoone Leij. This aspirant membership is free and non-committal.