Recap: Richard’s Birthday Drink

On the 30th of November we came together to celebrate the birthday of our father Richard Mollier!

Our fond members joined the 155th birthday party in the SkyBar!Underground which was decorated with balloons, flags and even Richard himself was on the party!

Beers and wine were drunk, cake was eaten and of course we toasted on Richard with a shot of Jägermeister.

We would like to thank everyone for attending Richard’s Birthday drink and we hope to see you all again on our next activity!

Recap: DPA Cauberg-Huygen Case Study

On the 22nd of November, Mollier members seized a great opportunity and headed to Rotterdam for a Parametric Design case study, organized by Cauberg-Huygen.
The aim of the workshop was familiarising ourselves with Rhino, Grasshopper, Ladybug and Honeybee. Ideally, by the end of the day, they were to be associated with something other than insects.

At the ungodly hour of 8 am, four cars rolled out towards Rotterdam.
At 9:45, we received a warm welcome from the creative director of Cauberg-Huygen, Anne Cowan, who then proceeded to elaborate on the challenge of the day.
Upon establishing a modest goal of constructing a Pontsteiger-like building on Mars, we formed four groups and began brainstorming.
An important aspect of this process was the availability of the specialists from Cauberg-Huygen, who remained action-ready till the very end.
Five hours and several sandwiches later, four crazy ideas were presented to the organizers of the event.
Admittedly, there was not enough time for the development of a foolproof design, but there was just enough to kickstart a learning process that, in the future, has potential to flourish.

The day was concluded with a relaxing evening full of beers, as well as sodas, for the unfortunate drivers.

Eugene Mamulova

Recap: Lunch Lecture #1

The first ever lunch lecture of the year was kicked off by lectures from Voort and Kuijpers on the 20th of November. Ex-Mollier members presented their experiences in their transition from their student lives to professional lives in a humorous and relatable style. After devouring some lip-smacking delicious sandwiches, members had a chance to get an insight into the company and their projects, and also ask questions regarding responsibilities, expectations and the work environment. The large turnout was also a great motivation for the board to keep going! It also was an opportunity for the old members to come say hello to Mollier since their graduation!

Recap: RoyalHaskoningDHV Sustainable Design Challenge

I was asked to write the recap of the Sustainable Design Challenge of Royal HaskoningDHV as one of the team members of the winning team, so here it is. The adventure started around a month ago, where Ola, Marc, Meghana, Kim and I went to the RHDHV office in Eindhoven. We got a small introduction to the challenge, where the main question was how to make the PSV stadium more sustainable. In principle, everything was possible, in the end, we were going to be rated on creativity, innovativeness, sustainability, feasibility, and presentation by a jury consisting of RHDHV employees and someone from the Municipality of Eindhoven. After the presentation, we were assigned a team consisting of four RHDHV employees and one TU/e BPS student. The start shot was fired and the competition started. Immediately all the teams started analyzing the stadium and were brainstorming on what to do with the building and the surrounding area. Because of the different interests and backgrounds we had some nice inputs after which we had two weeks to make our presentation and pitch.

The presentation day arrived where everyone had to show what they have done. Because of the BPS Retrofit conference, I went suited up to the RHDHV office for the presentation (although some of the competition said I did it to charm the female jury members). Every team presented their ideas where some were more extreme than the other. From a total design to more abstract concepts. Most of the ideas were based on adding more functionality to the building, using energy saving or producing technologies showing everything that was possible. Ideas included algae producing facades, TU/e classrooms in the stadium and the standard solution adding PV-panels on the roof. In the end, my team won by showing several ideas in a conceptual way (and some nice renders) where adding technology, design, ecology, and social aspects were the main change to the building. After the presentations, there was a nice drink where everyone could talk about their experiences. All in all it was a really nice afternoon.

In the end, since I was in the winning team, I ate together last Wednesday with my team at “De Verlenging”, one of the restaurants in the PSV stadium. Hopefully, some of the ideas that were suggested by the different teams will one day be implemented, in that way making sustainability a part of the PSV vibe!

Recap: GlowGolf

On the 14th of November, Mollier went on a glow in the dark adventure. In the middle of colorful animals, various themes and obstacles, members of Mollier tried to get a ball in a hole using a long stick (sometimes called “Mini-Golf”). In each group, with some fair amount of luck, the balls were putted into the holes, while some missed the target and hit some other team members instead. All in all, everyone had a lot fun, and some of us continued the evening at Stratumseind for a drink together, as a nice closure to an adventurous evening!
We hope to see you all on our next activity!

Recap: Start Activity 2018

Last weekend, Mollier organized the Start Activity of 2018. The committee set the activity out to be the best Start Activity of Mollier ever. Friday afternoon we drove out to Bergkamen, a village close to Dortmund. Most of us arrived around 7 pm, so we made ourselves some nice curry that we consumed while being overloaded with beautiful disco lighting. After dinner and a shot of Jäger, we had a nice night with some chats, beers and most of all lots of ‘gezelligheid’.

The next day, we got up quite early around 8 am, so we could leave to the first activity. The committee wouldn’t say what it was, but they told us to bring our swimming suit. We drove to the AquaMagis, a big indoor swimming pool where we had a nice day of going down slides and chilling in bubble baths. On the way, it turned out that the German police had a field day with their speed cams and all the drivers were flashed at least once due to the unfortunate placement of said speed cams. That evening, we played some Werewolves of Millers’ Hollow, stresspong and a few other games.

On Sunday, we went to Zeche Zollverein: a huge industrial complex for coal mining from the 1840s that is now UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we were able to take a nice walk around the complex and take some beautiful pictures. After that, we went to Alpincenter Bottrop to go down some slides on pieces of wood. Everybody had a great time and we enjoyed the food there as well. Unfortunately, Daan broke his wrist while falling and had to go to the hospital. We all wish him a good recovery!

Our members can take a look at all the pictures taken via the Photo Share (you do have to log in).

Recap: End Activity 2018

From Friday the 8th till Sunday the 10th of June, Mollier went on an end activity with a big group of 27 people. With 7 cars, everyone had a space for their selves and their luggage to head to the secret location, which turned out to be near the village of Lierneux in the Ardennes, Belgium.

After having arrived, dinner was made (risotto!) and the first beverages of this weekend were drunk, with many to follow. After dinner, the evening was filled up with drinking, games, drinking games, talking and a great speech of the chairman.
The next day everyone had to rise and shine early, for there was an activity planned at 10:00 AM. After breakfast and packing lunch everyone got in their car with their bathing clothes on and went to the village Coo where we would all go kayaking for a distance of almost 7 kilometres. It is needless to say not all would stay dry during the trip downstream, but fun we had! While drying up after the kayaking, a friterie was visited for the needed Belgian fries and snacks (apparently a broodje frikandel is served with fries in Belgium).
Back in the house, not everyone was that active anymore but that all changed when the plans for the evening were revealed: BBQ and karaoke! Many drinks were consumed in the course of the evening and night which we probably all felt the next morning.

Sunday, the day of cleaning and leaving the house, the last activity was planned to the cave of Aywaille. Having first driven to the wrong address, all had miraculously found a parking space for their car near the cave. First we had a walking tour through this cave, which followed in a boat tour in the river which was floating in the cave.

After this activity, it was finally time to say goodbye to each other and some went straight back to Eindhoven while others stayed a little longer to have lunch at another friterie.

Recap: Lunch Lecture #8

On the 31st of May, Andreja Andrejevic and Jasper Spiegeler from DPA|Cauberg-Huygen and Harold Vreeburg from Croonwolter&dros|TBI provided us with a lunch lecture.

Firstly, DPA|Cauberg-Huygen talked about the use of parametric design. The standard calculations are hereby stored in algorithms and made visible in 3D; Making it more clear what the differences in design mean for the physics of the building. Two projects created with this design were highlighted in the presentation: the Hyde Park project in Hoofddorp, where the amount of daylight was calculated, and Pit Lab, a project where the ventilation is calculated. In the next INSide, 2017-2018 #2, there will be an article by DPA|Cauberg-Huygen about this concept.

The second and last speaker of the day was Harold Vreeburg form Croonwolter&dros|TBI. His presentation was about the company TBI and about the plans to make the Netherlands gas-free by the year 2050. Harold thinks this is possible, when the way of building is different and when the building sector will be more innovative than the last thousands of years. After his presentation, a discussion started about this subject.

Presentation Croonwolter&dros | TBI

We would like to thank the presenters and their companies for their presentations and hope to see them next year too!

Recap: Richard’s Lasergame

On the 24th of May, 23 Mollier members were divided in four teams and then battled eachother in lasergame. Large numbers of lasers were shooted, many hits were reported and the frustrations of most participants were released through combat.
We all had a fun evening hope to see everyone on the next fun activity.

Recap: Lunch Lecture #7

On the 18th of May, Ilse Dijkstra-Nugteren of Deerns and Marthe Doornbosch of Heijmans provided us with an interesting lunch lecture.

Ilse, from Deerns, spoke about the building physics of the ASML-plaza, the canteen of ASML where 1,500 people can have lunch. This project consisted of two parts: a renovation of an existing part with no daylight, and a construction of a part with a 12 meter high ceiling with a lot of day lighting. She did the lighting design and the acoustics of the project.

Marthe from Heijmans talked about BeSense, a startup where existing buildings can be made ‘smart’. The idea is that every workplace and every room has a sensor, which can be used to show which parts have to be cleaned, where a free workplace is, if there are too little or too many workspaces and more ideas are coming.

We would like to thank the speakers for this lunch lecture!