Committees of Mollier

Throughout the year, Mollier organizes many activities. The board itself cannot do this alone and likes to cooperate with its members to make sure everybody is having fun! Therefore, committees are created and they are responsible for organizing certain activities. As a reward for joining a committee you will get eternal gratitude from the board and the members of Mollier, as well as an official invitation to the yearly Active Member BBQ. On top of that, you will earn a set amount of activity points for each committee you join!

If you want more information about a certain committee or are thinking about joining one or more committees, feel free to contact the responsible members of each committee.

Fun committee

The fun committee is the source of all that is good and fun within Mollier! We are responsible for all the fun activities organised by Mollier. We are very flexible: If you’re a member of the fun committee, you get to choose which activities you want to help organise. Some of our activities include the pubquiz, the cocktail party, the bowling evening and the comfort kitchen.

Responsible members: (Julia, Nora and Sietse)

Media committee

We are the ones who get to spread that sweet, sweet knowledge! We promote fun and educational activities on social media. We maintain the Mollier website, Facebook page and are currently working on resurrecting our Instagram account from the ashes. If you are interested in making graphics, creating entertaining posts, or promoting the work of your collegues online; join us! (Pssst, we also have a podcast in the works.)

Responsible member: (Eugene)

Exhibition committee

Mollier organizes a Unit BPS Exhibition. Last year’s exhibition was held during the BPS Innovation Week where students, companies and every chair from BPS showcased interesting projects or products. The goal of the exhibition is to enthuse more students about BPS and in turn encourage them to pick BPS as their specialization.

After the successful exhibition of last year, a new exhibition will take place in March 2020. We are looking for members who want to help creating interesting exhibition pieces. The work will consist of contacting faculty members to arrange projects and creating a professional design for the whole exhibition.

Responsible member: (Eugene)

BPS Exhibition (2019)

Study trip committee

Every year, Mollier will go to an amazing location with their members. For example, previous years’ study trips went to China Brazil, Korea and America (Chicago). During the trip we will visit companies and universities on or around the destination, as well as touristic attractions and plenty of free time to enjoy the trip!

Responsible member: (Julia)

INSide information committee

Two times a year Mollier releases a magazine called the INSide information. This is a magazine of Mollier and the Unit BPS, made by our INSide Information committee. It provides information about Mollier activities and its members. Furthermore, it features articles made by students of the unit BPS. Building Acoustics, Lighting, Materials, Performance, Physics and Services, every chair of the unit BPS is represented in our magazine. 

Responsible member: (Nora)

Meet&Eat committee

Througout the year, lunch lectures are organized where sponsors of Mollier will come by during lunch to talk about the company or interesting projects they have worked on. During the presentation(s) Mollier provides lunch.

Responsible member: (Nora, Bas)

Meet&Greet committee

During the Meet&Greet, sponsors of Mollier will come to talk about their company in a very informal way. Students can come to this event to find out more about the companies, internships and job opportunities! The committee is responsible for organizing the Meet&Greet event and making sure that all goes smoothly.

Responsible members: (Nora, Bas)

Start/End Activity committee

At the start and end of the academic year, Mollier organizes the start and end activity. During this event, Mollier members will go away for the weekend to a secret location determined by the committee. If all goes well, the participants have no idea where they go until they arrive at the destination. The weekend consists of activities on or around the location and good company of your fellow Mollier members!

Responsible member: (Julia, Sietse)

Green committee

The green committee upholds the sustainability vision within s.v.b.p.s Mollier. We are an initiative-based committee, full of good ideas and motivation!

Responsible member: (Eugene)

Botanical committee

We may not have fish, but we have plants! They’re pretty fun too. If you love plants, you’re welcome to join!

Responsible member: (Sietse)