About Mollier

s.v.b.p.s. Mollier is the study association of the master track Building Physics and Services (BPS) at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands. It is mainly devoted for students of this mastertrack, but it is also for other students who have an interest in the physical aspects or installations within the built environment. This means that if you are from the studies of Sustainable Energy Technology (SET), Innovation Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Human Technology Interaction or another study and you’re interested, you are more than welcome to join our activities.

Master track

The master track Building Physics and Services (BPS) is divided in different research groups, also called chairs, each of which is led by one or several full professor(s) and has its own staff. The chairs are:

  • Building Acoustics (BA)
  • Building Lighting (BL)
  • Building Materials (BM)
  • Building Performance (BPf)
  • Building Physics (BPh)
  • Building Services (BS)

Our goals

Mollier serves many goals. The main priority of Mollier is to promote contact between students themselves, students and university staff, and students and companies. This goal is achieved by organizing lectures, excursions, study trips, parties and other various activities. Besides, Mollier is also striving for good education. This goal is achieved by conducting education evaluation and organizing student days and other study related activities.

In short, Mollier is a nice and vibrant study association which has a lot to offer for its students. Companies, students and professors, don’t hesitate to visit us at Vertigo floor 2 for a cup of coffee and a personal introduction.


s.v.b.p.s. Mollier is a very active study association with circa 120 members, most of which are studying the master track Building Physics and Services.