Theses database

Through the years our department has made some nice theses. To give you an insight we made this list showing last years theses of PhD and master students related to the Building Physics and Services environment.

We are still improving this list. Do you have comments, are you missing a thesis or do you think one of the subjects is not related to Building Physics and Services, send a mail to

AuthorYearTitleTypeTU/e LinkField
Ricci2018Large Eddy simulations applied to wind loading and pollutant dispersionPhDLinkBuilding Physics
Huijbregts2017Experimental and numerical analysis of climate change induced risks to historic buildings and collectionsPhDLinkBuilding Physics
Kramer2017Clever climate control for culturePhDLinkBuilding Physics
Ricci2017Wind flow modeling in urban areas through experimental and numerical techniquesPhDLinkBuilding Physics
Ritzen2017Environmental impact assessment of building integrated photovoltaicsPhDLinkBuilding Physics
Gao2017Alkali activated slag-fly ash binders : design, modeling and applicationPhDLinkBuilding Materials
Tang2017Municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash - from waste to value : characterization, treatments and applicationPhDLinkBuilding Materials
Lee2017Simulation-based performance assessment of climate adaptive greenhouse shellsPhDLinkBuilding Performance
Wenmaekers2017Stage acoustics and sound exposure in performance and rehearsal spaces for orchestrasPhDLinkBuilding Acoustics
Daemen2017The design of an adaptive healing room for stroke patientsPhDLinkBuilding Lighting
Magalhães de Almeida2017The effect of the wall downstream on air curtain sealing efficiencyStudentLinkBuilding Physics
Kalee2017Quantifying the acoustical properties of internal vegetation screensStudentLinkBuilding Acoustics
Ezechiëls2017Design of an innovative bio-concrete using Miscanthus fibresStudentLinkBuilding Materials
Yuan2017Sodium carbonate activated slag : reaction analysis, microstructural modification and engineering applicationStudentLinkBuilding Materials
Onna, van2017Hygrothermal performance assessment of refurbishment solutions for post-war prefab steel concrete frame dwellingsStudentLinkBuilding Physics
Costa2017Planning for the futureStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Ghasempourabadi2017Performance assessment and development of a design support tool for innovative BIPV façade systemsStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Giskes2017The influence of occupant behavior on the total energy consumption in officesStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Heijst, van2017Analyzing the performance gap by identifying its causal factors and quantifying their individual impacts for energy performance contractsStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Juma, Al2017Techno-economic analysis of energy storage for a Dutch nZEB single family dwellingStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Karssies2017Optimization workflow regarding daylighting, energy and glare, for performance assessment of new generation semi-transparent photovoltaic façadesStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Kooi2017Extending indoor climate quality assessment in office buildingsStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Plas2017A comparative assessment of ventilative and mechanical cooling for residential zero energy buildings considering the future climateStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Snoeren2017Enhanching design support of zero energy buildings by using sensitivity analysis and visualisation methodsStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Pennings2017Modeling and characterizing low-frequency impact sound transmission through floor constructionsStudentLinkBuilding Acoustics
Wilt, van der2017Implementation of the diffusion equation model for irregularly shaped rooms using the finite difference methodStudentLinkBuilding Acoustics
Stijn, van2017Design of a floor system, made with engineered wood productsStudentLinkBuilding Materials
Derks2017Resolving thermal comfort perception amidst spatial transitionsStudentLinkBuilding Healthy Environments for Future Users
Molenaar2017Ventilation efficiency improvement in pharmaceutical cleanrooms for energy demand reductionStudentLinkBuilding Healthy Environments for Future Users
Osta, van2017Thermal comfort in hospital wardsStudentLinkBuilding Healthy Environments for Future Users
Goijer, de2017Light in the eveningStudentLinkBuilding Lighting
Vossen2017Technology - prototype - product : a two-step approach to bring building-integrated thin film PV to the marketStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Dekkers2017The difference in design outcome between a WELL building standard certified indoor environment and a BREEAM-NL certified indoor environmentStudentLinkBuilding Performance
Moonen2017Investigation of measuring individual illuminance levels in an open-plan officeStudentLinkBuilding Lighting
Draaisma2017Indoor climate assessment of an exhibition area at the Kröller-Müller MuseumStudentLinkBuilding Physics
Spierenburg2017Heat and moisture in wooden bearings of monumental buildingsStudentLinkBuilding Physics
Visser2017Differences in energy consumption explained by thermoregulatory behaviour and comfort of the occupantStudentLinkBuilding Physics
Glas2017Performance based design of a structural lightweight concrete, reaching an optimal balance between density and other propertiesStudentLinkBuilding Materials
Dekkers2017Generation of concepts for making an airport building CO2 neutralStudentLinkBuilding Services
Labeodan2017A multi-agents and occupancy based strategy for energy management and process control on the room-levelStudentLinkBuilding Services
Mattheus2017Fire propagation in an open car parkStudentLinkBuilding Services
Shakerchi2017Numerical simulation of external flames in ventilation-controlled firesStudentLinkBuilding Services
Nicolai2016The influence of stage acoustics on sound exposure of symphony orchestra musicians measured versus modelled binaural sound exposure of ten musicians on three different stagesStudentLinkBuilding Acoustics