Establishment of association s.v.b.p.s Mollier

s.v.i. Mollier is from orgine the study association of the faculty Building Services at the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) and was founded in 1996. The name originates from Richard Mollier who developed a diagram which illustrates different states of (moist) air. The logo of the study association is also based on this diagram.


On the 2th of November 1980 the study association for Building Physics named FAGO was established. It’s origin lies in a study trip to Scandinavia in the autumn of 1979 by students of the department FAGO (Fysische Aspecten van de Gebouwde Omgeving). The study association was later renamed to Flux.

Merging of Mollier and Flux

Because of the overlap between Building Physics and Building Services, the TU/e decided to merge the faculties. This resulted in a faculty with two study associations with the same goals, which wasn’t preferable. In 2011 study association Mollier and study association Flux decided to merge and continue under the name Study Association Building Physics and Services Mollier, abbreviated s.v.b.p.s. Mollier.

Richard Mollier

Richard MollierRichard Mollier was born in Triest (Germany) on November 30th, 1863. Until 1882 he studied at “das Deutsche Gymnasium”. He studied mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering in Graz and München. His in 1892 proposed doctoral thesis on the heat-diagram caused his scientific calling for field of thermodynamics. In 1896 he was appointed professor in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering at the University of Göttingen. In 1897 he accepted an offer to come work in Dresden. In 1904 he published his famous diagram for the first time in the magazine of VDI, the German association for engineers. With this diagram he gave engineers a tool of which the impact would soon become clear. Mollier continuously tried to enhance his diagrams for water vapour en adapt to the state of the art in science. This work has been used in handbooks and specialist books ever since.

Mollier diagram
Mollier was also active in the field of gasification and combustion processes which also involved steam engines, combustion engines and chillers. With lectures in thermodynamics, hydraulics, refrigeration, kinematics and gas engines he establishes his reputation as a professor. Many problems were studied by the students of Mollier and he ascribed the acquired copyrights to their names. In 1928 he received the highest decoration of the VDI, the ‘Grasshof commemorative medal’. The biggest honour he received was the decision on the thermodynamics congress of 1923 in Los Angeles to name all diagrams that display heat energy with one coordinate after Richard Mollier.

Richard Mollier retired in 1931. A few years later, on March 13th 1935, he died at the age of 72 in Dresden.

Drink of Mollier

Just like every study association, Mollier has its own association drink with some history behind it.


The establishment party was held in the Skybar, at the top of the main building. Because of the architectural design, the Skybar was very hot. That was the beginning of the slogan: ‘Richard maak hem koud’, which means ‘Richard make it cold’. A couple of years later, the 6th board held a voting for a new association drink. With almost a tie between Jägermeister and Schrobbèler, Jägermeister won. Since then, the association drink became Jägermeister and was officially combined with the yell: Richard maak hem koud. Interesting is that Jägermeister is best served ice cold, as suggested by its producer.

See the official website of Jägermeister and its Wikipedia.

Meister on Mars

Meister on MarsDuring the first Mollier cocktail party (with the 18th board, on February 6th, 2014) the cocktail of Mollier was elected. The contest was between Purple Passion and Meister on Mars. At the end of the night Meister on Mars won. During the next General Meeting of Members, there was some confusion about the elected Mollier cocktail. This was caused by the strong cocktail and bad memory of some members. During this GMM, Meister on Mars was officially chosen as the cocktail of Mollier. The main reason is simple: If Mollier has a cocktail, there must be Jägermeister in it!