Schoone Leij Spring Activity

Dear members of Mollier / aspirant members of Schoone Leij,

As usual alumni association Schoone Leij organizes a spring activity each year. This activity is a gathering of alumni and Mollier members. This year a thrilling activity is planned, followed by a BBQ and drinks as closure. Costs for this activity is set at €10 for Mollier members (and at €50 for alumni) for the whole afternoon and evening. Costs are €5 for Mollier members (€25 for alumni) if only joining at the BBQ. The day will start at 15:00 o’clock and will approximately end at 20:00. Location for the activity is Eindhoven.

A subscription is required for this activity. The subscription is open until the 21st of May. By then you must also have transferred the money. Only then will your subscription be definitive due to the limited number of participants. Information regarding the payment will be send to you in a confirmation email after you have subscribed for this event at the following link. If you have food allergies or are vegetarian please mention this in the “opmerkingen” section of your subscription through our website.

As for every other year we hope to see many of you as aspirant member of Schoone Leij!