Lunch lecture #2 Sweegers en de Bruijn

Recap: Lunch Lecture #1

The first ever lunch lecture of the year was kicked off by lectures from Voort and Kuijpers on the 20th of November. Ex-Mollier members presented their experiences in their transition from their student lives to professional lives in a humorous and relatable style. After devouring some lip-smacking delicious sandwiches, members had a chance to get an insight into the company and their projects, and also ask questions regarding responsibilities, expectations and the work environment. The large turnout was also a great motivation for the board to keep going! It also was an opportunity for the old members to come say hello to Mollier since their graduation!

Lunch Lecture #1 Kuijpers | Voort

Recap: Lunch Lecture #8

On the 31st of May, Andreja Andrejevic and Jasper Spiegeler from DPA|Cauberg-Huygen and Harold Vreeburg from Croonwolter&dros|TBI provided us with a lunch lecture.

Firstly, DPA|Cauberg-Huygen talked about the use of parametric design. The standard calculations are hereby stored in algorithms and made visible in 3D; Making it more clear what the differences in design mean for the physics of the building. Two projects created with this design were highlighted in the presentation: the Hyde Park project in Hoofddorp, where the amount of daylight was calculated, and Pit Lab, a project where the ventilation is calculated. In the next INSide, 2017-2018 #2, there will be an article by DPA|Cauberg-Huygen about this concept.

The second and last speaker of the day was Harold Vreeburg form Croonwolter&dros|TBI. His presentation was about the company TBI and about the plans to make the Netherlands gas-free by the year 2050. Harold thinks this is possible, when the way of building is different and when the building sector will be more innovative than the last thousands of years. After his presentation, a discussion started about this subject.

Presentation Croonwolter&dros | TBI

We would like to thank the presenters and their companies for their presentations and hope to see them next year too!

Lunch Lecture #8 Croonwolter&dros – DPA Cauberg-Huygen

Lunch Lecture #7 – Deerns & Heijmans

Lunch Lecture #6: Nelissen

Recap: Lunch Lecture #5

On the 14th of March, Bas Peeters and Rik Maaijen from Royal HaskoningDHV and Dennis van Goch from BAM visited us to provide us with a lunch lecture.

The representatives of Royal HaskoningDHV were presenting the possibilities of working at their company. They have an interesting ‘Young Professional Program’, in order to learn new employees soft skills such as personal branding, project management and selling techniques. Also, some distinctive projects where highlighted, such as the new Booking-campus Office building, where there were some acoustical challenges and discussions about the design of the building versus the thermal comfort. Another project of Royal HaskoningDHV is the cost optimality of Schiphol Airport, where there should be a balance of the sustainability and the business case.

The presentation of Dennis van Goch, the representative of BAM, was about smart energy management. A big project BAM has, is called ‘REnnovates’, which has a lot to do with smart energy. This project is an extension of ‘De Stroomversnelling’, a project where 111,000 residences are renovated in order to be classified as ‘nul-op-de-meter’. However, a challenge for this is the inequality of the energy demand and the energy generation. BAM says the solution will have to be found on a district-scale, not on individual housing scale.

We would like to thank Bas, Rik and Dennis for providing the lunch lecture.

The presentations of Royal HaskoningDHV and BAM can be viewed below:
20180314_Lunch Lecture #5 company RHDHV

20180314_Lunch Lecture #5 company BAM

Lunch Lecture #5: RHDHV & BAM

Recap: Lunch Lecture #4

On the 7th of February we had an interesting lunch lecture with a guest speaker from ENGIE. ENGIE is one of the biggest technical suppliers of the Netherlands, but it is also situated in many other countries. It has around 6200 employees and a revenue of 1.1 billion in the Netherlands alone.

Maurice Adriaans, project manager at ENGIE Services, told us about the diverse work they do. From consultancy, project management, engineering, producing, installing, fine-tuning, maintenance, exploitation to facility management. They make an integral design with a focus on the installations, with innovative concepts and integral sustainable solutions. As an example he showed us the installations of cleanrooms at ASML. Afterwards Elise Vreeman, campus recruiter at ENGIE, explained the possibilities for working at ENGIE.

We would like to thank both Maurice and Elise for providing the lunch lecture.

For our members that want to take a look at the lecture slides again or that unfortunately missed the lunch lecture, the presentation can viewed here.