Spring activity Schoone Leij

Spring activity alumni association Schoone Leij

Saturday 28th of June the late spring activity with our alumni association Schoone Leij took place with about 20 persons. The program started with high land games, where the alumnus competed against the students. After the games, archery, sawing logs, throwing tree trunks, tree trunk estafette and tug of war, the alumnus have been announced as the winners! After these tough games, more relaxing games followed such as Twister, Tower of Pisa and Mikado.

The active part of the day ended, so the group went to La Gitana for unlimited tapas and drinks, where the people who could not be present the whole day, joined the group. After this dinner, the four new alumnus Rick van Pruissen, Karin Conen, Mark de Waard and Ellen Boesten got pinned their alumnus badge.

Following the dinner, people who still felt themselves students, went to the barstreet where they finished their day!

We hope to see you next time at the activity with Schoone Leij!

Constitution 19th board, 24th of September