Study Trip Dublin day 3


On this fine morning, some of us woke up earlier than others. The early birds amongst us planned to go to Howth, a peninsula near Dublin with beautiful cliffs. Others decided to walk around the city centre and a select few decided to explore the botanic gardens. In the city centre, way too much time and money was spent in gift shops. In the botanical gardens, about fifty per cent of the attention was given to the plants and the other fifty per cent of the time was spent following squirrels. At Howth, we had a lovely walk along the cliffs and some extra fresh fish and chips for lunch.

For the afternoon program, everyone gathered at the Croke Park Stadium, which could have taken less time were everyone able to find the entrance. Croke Park Stadium is a stadium for Gaelic sports, such as Gaelic football and hurling. It is the third-largest in Europe. At the stadium, we got a tour on the roof top at a height of 44 meters. Here we had a beautiful view over Dublin. After this, we got a tour inside the stadium and learned about the rules of Gaelic football and hurling. This came in handy since we were going to attend a game of hurling in the evening.

After a short break in the park with some snack pizza, it was time for the hurling game. We had a great time watching the game (or the players). We ended the night with a really nice dinner with the entire group and some drinks after in one of the many pubs in Dublin.