Study Trip Dublin day 1


The day started when we all gathered at the Eindhoven train station. After being there for 10 minutes, 4 individual people had commented on the fact that Jesper was already wearing a green sweater. This was a good start for the 3 hours long queue for the security at Schiphol Airport later in the day. However, we had some nice background music as Anne had the same song (Dua Lipa – Levitating) stuck in her head for the whole three hours. Then it was time to kick each other’s ass with a friendly game of balzakken throughout the entire flight and to annoy Bas by leaning the airplane chair to the back.

We arrived in Dublin to damp and wet weather. After taking the bus to the hostel, the group split up to enjoy Dublin’s nightlife. It started off with a drunk local shouting and complementing Ahmed’s hair and denim jacket. The first bar had great music, but sadly not enough space for our small group of 6. Following that, we stumbled upon a street that looked lively with music and locals dancing drunkenly. After a few misses with bars closing down, we found a nice place that had live music playing late into the night. Upon sitting down we had to go for our first pint of Guinness.

– Written by Ahmed and Anne –