Van Lint Sportweek

As many of you know last week the sport team of Mollier set out to become champions in Bumperball, things went a little different. After two matches and a lot of ‘bumping around’ the team was still waiting for a victory with the tournament being over for us.

Later that night the boys from the ever illusive ‘Bierfysica’ went for their pool in the tournament, after destroying one opponent after the other and without conceding a single goal they set out to be champions in style.

As good traditions go, beers were drunk until late.

The night of Kano Polo, about the results we can be short… it was not all that great. While having fun we could not ‘make a dent in a package of butter’ so to say.

Sad enough because of the absence of some regulars the team was not complete at the start of the match and did therefore not play the evening.

The night of the finals, no matches were played by our teams, however our true quality showed when ‘gezelligheid’ was needed. And until the early hours the party went on.

We hope to see you next year in one of our teams