Successful meeting with ‘Kuijpers installaties’

On September 25th a group of 14 Mollier members went to Zeist for a meeting organized by ‘Kuijpers Installaties’. Kuijpers’ ambition is to build all installations from 2018 energy neutral and healthy. First the ‘strategy plan’ was introduced by an animation video. Then Marjan Minnesma gave an interesting and inspiring presentation about the agenda made by her foundation, Urgenda. The title of this agenda is ‘The Netherlands: 100% renewable energy in 2030. It’s possible if you want it’.

After these inspiring words a brainstorm session about Kuijpers’ ambition was held in the foyer. During these sessions the students were appointed as the moderators for the discussion groups. After a 45 minute discussion everyone went back to the conference room and the students presented a short quote/one-liner which covered the outcome of the brainstorm session. The day ended with a buffet dinner where the day could be reviewed in an informal setting.