Studytrip 2015: Update

150225 Information presentation for Studytrip ParticipantsOn the 25th of February an information meeting with the studytrip participants was held.
During this meeting the preliminary planning, the assignments and useful travel/packing tips are presented. For the curious people, the presentation can be found by pressing the presentation icon on the left.

Tasks for participants

Each student who participates can give up his/her preferred BPS subject (air quality, lighting, acoustics, urban heat island effect). Further, the student can give up his/her preferred BPS aspect he/she would like to analyse for the buildings analysis. Based on these preferences, the assignments will be distributed among the students.

Each student who participates the study trip has to do the following:
1. Prepare (before study trip) and report (after study trip) 1 assignment for the BPS subject assigned
and perform the measurement during the study trip.
2. Analyse in pairs circa 2-4 buildings on the BPS related aspect assigned.
3. Write a summary in pairs for an assigned day for the daily blog.

During the trip the participants will executed several assignments, an overview of the assignments can be found here.
The assignments consist of an interim report, which will be submitted before department, measurments executed during the trip and a final report. There are four subjects for the assignments:
1. Acoustics
2. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
3. Lighting
4. Urban Heat Island Effect

Building analysis
During the study trip, we will visit circa 2-4 interesting buildings where we get a guided tour.
In pairs, the students have to analyse the buildings on 1 of the BPS related aspects.
The planned buildings until now are: the CCTV tower, the Beijing National Stadium and the Energy Flower.
More information about the building analysis can be found here.

Furthermore a blog is written by a different couple every day during our trip.
The blog will be available in Dutch and English.

Last but not least we will have a certain amount of publications.
TVVL Magazine will publish 4 articles.
NVBV will publish 1 article.
Stichting Hoogbouw will publish 1 article.
Links to these articles will be provided at the time being.


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