Study Trip Chicago day 10 and 11

Some of us started the day off right with some healthy and relaxing yoga in the nature around us on Camp Sullivan. Today was a free day so everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to do. One of the two groups went back to downtown Chicago to do some last-minute shopping, meeting with friends or find some souvenirs.

The other group went to a shopping mall not too far from the campsite. After taking the bus to the Chicago ridge mall we spent the day buying food, shoes and clothes.
After a while the group was done shopping and went back to the camp using Uber. At dinnertime there was quite some difference amongst us. Since there was a free day everyone had to arrange their own food. Some were eating pizza while some where eating bread and cheese. After dinner we had some quality time with each other playing card games before going to sleep.

Next day we started off the day even better with bacon and eggs during breakfast. Everyone was still a bit dull from the night before and had some time to relax since there wasn’t a busy schedule today. Some were playing Swedish puzzles, others went outside to throw some rugby balls and playing soccer.

There was an (optional) hike on the agenda so we gathered everyone that wanted to join, got some beverages and left the campsite. After one hour of walking heavy heavy rainfall started. Of course, it happened right at the turnaround point of the hike, so we were as far away as possible from the campsite. The walk back was close to an hour and it didn’t stop raining at all. Everyone was soaked when we got back.

In the evening the pajama party was planned. The cabin was reorganized, balloons were blown and the fun began. During the party we held a costume related contest. The winners were:

Best socks – Arjan
Most clumsy – Pim and Daria tie
Best shorts – Martijn
Best pantoffles – Marjolijn
Most late arrivals in general – Meghana
Best onesie – Wesley
Clumsy story – Martijn setting trash can on fire with cigarette in the shopping mall.
Best matching outfit – Arjan due to the SpongeBob shirt and socks
Oldest pajamas – Pim 12+ years

After the nominations, some drinking games were played such as beer pong and stress pong. In between the games Gert-Jan asked for everybody’s attention multiple times because he wants to fart in a lighter. So, with some dancing, talking and gaming it was a very fun night.

– Written by Wesley and Youri –