Study trip 2015 Day 9: Wuhan

Authors: Bram Botterman & Jelle Reinders

The night already was a great success. Most of the Mollier members where present to enjoy a small beer. Like we encountered before, the long blond gods of Mollier where in the centre of attention in the club. After the usual photo session we were invited to join a group of Chinese people to their table.

We experienced the hospitality of the Chinese and we were given a lot of beers. It was the birthday of one of the older Chinese men, after we celebrated it with a beer bottle shot the older man did not feel 100% well and ran towards the toilets. On the way he had given a present of his own to the clean-up crew of the club. This little event did not stop the great party that was going on and the man soon joined the group again. To show his masculinity he wanted to arm-wrestle one of our group members. Our own Jill could not resist this temptation and accepted the challenge, after a stunning 0,53 Jill already won the battle. After that the party went on for a few hours and all the present members enjoyed a couple of more small ones.

After a successful night and a good night’s rest (2 whole hours!) it wasn’t a surprise that some of the Mollier members weren’t at their best. Our own Bram had a nice adventure while sleeping. He woke up in a complete other room somewhere in the hostel. He did not noticed that the Mollier members already left for the metro station. Luckily for Bram there where two members that could not find there manliness in the morning and needed there beauty sleep. Bart and Robin where completely wasted after a stunning three beers and a diet coke, so they had used the “Joker” and stayed in bed while the rest of the members actively joint the guided tour in Jiedaokou metro station in Wuhan. The guided tour was very nice and informative. We saw all the parts of the metro station you would normally never see, like the control panels, very large HVAC systems and fire safety facilities. The engineer who guided us helped with the design of the whole metro net and could tell us a lot of all the design challenges like the under and over windpressure, that is caused by the metro trains, and the solutions that he had made. Later we would find out this was an enormous privilege that we got the guided tour because this area was extremely forbidden for all outsiders.

During the lunch the three other students joint the group in Han street, which was one of the spectacular streets of Wuhan according to the local Chinese students. Han street was a street with typical old Chinese shops like H&M, C&A, Jack and Jones, etc.. After a typical Chinese lunch at the Pizza Hut at Han Street the group split into two groups. The lady’s (and some “men”) went to the Spa of Wuhan while the rest went to the real typical Chinese streets to shop for souvenirs and enjoy a few small beers during the daily card games.