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Study trip 2015 Day 7: Wuhan

Authors: Giel Craenmehr & Manon Derks

After a good sleep in the nighttrain, we had arrived at Wuhan. With our private bus, arranged by Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) we drove to our hostel. This trip was quite an experience as there seems to be very less traffic rules, maybe they are colorblind, while there is no difference between red, orange and green traffic lights. Aside from that there are a lot of construction sites, that transform roads into a bumpy rollercoaster ride.

After dropping our suitcases at the hostel, we were led to the energy flower. The energy flower is a sustainable building. This has been achieved by making use of several modern systems, like PV panels, windturbine, natural ventilation.

After a quick visit we drove to the WUT to install the measurement equipment for our assignments. Those of us that didn’t have to install these devices played carts while enjoying the nice weather, while Dr. Yu gave a presentation at the University of Wuhan. Then we went to Hubu Alley, where we could taste local food, like octopus, frog and fruit salad, and where souvenirs were bought.

After that we were brought back to the university. From there we had a 20 minutes walk to the restaurant. Where we were invited for dinner by several different professors of WUT. This was a very luxurious restaurant. We were introduced to some new traditions of the WUT students during the delicious diner. The tradition is as following:
To show your respect to someone during a dinner, you should toast with your guests. This is mostly done with the famous and lovely Chinese Liquor: rice wine!! To show your respect to one another, you should toast with all people who sit at that table. After nice experience Tom and his harem of girls returned to the hostel for a girls night. The rest of us went to the (karaoke) bar. From there on it all gets a bit vague, that is why we end the blog here with a nice Houdoe!