Study trip 2015 Day 5: Tianjin

Authors: Bart Kok & Krishan Boere

Today basically started when we arrived in Tianjin.
We found the hostel and decided to find a bar and have some fun.
And what a fun it was, epic place.
Nice atmosphere, lights show, gogo dancers, yep…
All the things you would expect from a asian club after seeing a movie like the The Hangover
The result was a very short night :p

And before finding the bar we noticed that there was a running track in a classical building next to it. Not surprising since we noticed that in this city there were some nice buildings.
The next morning we visited Tianjin Port Museum, Tianjin Port cruise ship terminal, and a few places at Ecocity.
A new city thats designed around specific eco values and tries to make sure that in its basics there are no traditional disadvantages like in most other city’s that developed over years.
The last place we visited was an research building about low carbon, whereby with several design solutions the exhaust of carbon is limited.

After visiting these buildings we went to our amazing dinner organized by a friend of dr. Yu, the next blog will tell you more about this wonderful evening. To be continued….