Study trip day 3

Study trip 2015 Day 3: Beijing

Authors: Rowan de Nijs & Hanneke Dekkers

Today we experienced the Chinese nightlife for the first time. First we went to a lounge bar with the entire group. After that we went to a cafe where a rock band was playing. Then we split up and continued the night life in smaller groups.

After a short sleep we took a private bus at 08:00AM to the Great Wall.

#WhereIsKrishan? No idea. The weather was really nice; cloudy but warm. At 10:30AM we arrived at the Great Wall and we started to hike to the top of the ‘Jin Shan Ling’ east gate. During the hike we received a message from the hostel: Krishan was alive! After the Great Wall our private bus took us to the Olympic Park. Most of us took the opportunity to grab some sleep in the bus. We first went to the Water Cube where we got a quick tour. We also analysed the building on different aspects of building physics in groups of two. After the Water Cube we walked to the National Stadium ‘Birds nest’ , where Krishan caught up with the group. When we left with the bus, it became a little dark so we could see the Water Cube illuminated.

After the Olympic Park the bus dropped us at a restaurant where Xin made a good deal. This time, no weird food was put on the table and we enjoyed especially the Beijing Duck. After this we took the bus back to the hostel where we prepared the measurements of tomorrow and now we go to bed because the alarm clock for tomorrow is set at 06:45AM!