Start activity 2014

For the first time in Mollier history, 33 Mollier members took part in the start activity. With this large amount of participants we took off with eight cars on Friday afternoon to Westouter, a tiny village in western Belgium located between Poperinge and Ieper. The first evening consisted of the murder game and a well-organized scavenger hunt looking for a treasure from Pierre – the mould ghost – through the woods of Heuvelland. After the cold long walk we got the party started in club Mollier.

The next day high altitudes where part of the main activity. Hanging on a lifeline and daring to let go were essential during this activity called high ropes. If that was not defiant enough a swing on the death ride was possible. The evening ended with a long-expected game of Stratego between the boys and girls!
Sunday was the final day of the start activity. We played a laid back game of miniature golf and drove back to Eindhoven.

The start activity committee wants to thank all members for participating actively during the games, getting to know each other, showing a bit too much of themselves, and last but not least having a good time!
We hope you all had a fun weekend and hope to see you at the end activity!