Recap: Start Activity 2018

Last weekend, Mollier organized the Start Activity of 2018. The committee set the activity out to be the best Start Activity of Mollier ever. Friday afternoon we drove out to Bergkamen, a village close to Dortmund. Most of us arrived around 7 pm, so we made ourselves some nice curry that we consumed while being overloaded with beautiful disco lighting. After dinner and a shot of Jäger, we had a nice night with some chats, beers and most of all lots of ‘gezelligheid’.

The next day, we got up quite early around 8 am, so we could leave to the first activity. The committee wouldn’t say what it was, but they told us to bring our swimming suit. We drove to the AquaMagis, a big indoor swimming pool where we had a nice day of going down slides and chilling in bubble baths. On the way, it turned out that the German police had a field day with their speed cams and all the drivers were flashed at least once due to the unfortunate placement of said speed cams. That evening, we played some Werewolves of Millers’ Hollow, stresspong and a few other games.

On Sunday, we went to Zeche Zollverein: a huge industrial complex for coal mining from the 1840s that is now UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we were able to take a nice walk around the complex and take some beautiful pictures. After that, we went to Alpincenter Bottrop to go down some slides on pieces of wood. Everybody had a great time and we enjoyed the food there as well. Unfortunately, Daan broke his wrist while falling and had to go to the hospital. We all wish him a good recovery!

Our members can take a look at all the pictures taken via the Photo Share (you do have to log in).