Recap: RETScreen workshop

Last Friday VanHout adviseurs en installateurs came by and gave us an interesting course about RETScreen. RETScreen is an energy management software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration project feasibility analysis as well as ongoing energy performance analysis.

Jan van Hout, the director of the company, and Sander ter Mors, a Medior engineer, took us on a journey to discover the possibilities of RETScreen. Last year they also gave a crash course where they showed us how to make PV-panels feasible on a dwelling ( This year they gave a small introduction to the software. We did a workshop on how to import and analyze data from the fuel consumption of a project. We made a prediction for the ongoing fuel consumption and compared this with the actual consumption. This way we could see how an improvement in the system reduces the fuel demand.

After that we did a similar analysis of the data of a PV-panel. By analyzing the data we could see that for a while more electricity was generated then there was expected and for another period less. This was caused by roof maintenance and a lighting strike. It is important that when someone places PV-panels on their roof they also make sure that it keeps working according to expectations.

It was a really interesting course and we would like to thank Jan and Sander for coming.