Recap Meet & Greet 2017

We are looking back at a great event. Master students in all phases of the master attended the event and this year, 16 of our partners were present, which is the biggest amount of companies ever present at our annual Meet & Greet.

The event started with a pitch session. All company representatives introduced their company to the public in a Pitch of 2,5 minutes. After half an hour the introduction was over and the Meet & Greet could start. The first couple of minutes the students were a bit reluctant, but after the first daredevils introduced themselves to company representatives, many followed. In no time, lots of interaction was visible which lasted until the end of the afternoon.

Also, the committee received lots of positive reactions. It was a useful, informative and sociable event. We’re proud to call the event a success! On behalf of the committee, I want to thank all the company representatives, I want to thank all the master students that attended the Meet & Greet and of course, I want to thank the committee itself for the great organisation. We had a great time.