Recap lunch lecture Kuijpers / Nelissen

The 7th of March Kuijpers and Nelissen joined us for the fourth lunch lecture of this academic year. The expectations were around 20 people, but with 30 people in the room it was again a great success. The first lunch lecture began with Rowan de Nijs, an alumnus of our study, who explained all about his position as tender manager with Kuijpers. Within his role he coordinates different disciplines within the building engineering field and strives to win all tenders Kuijpers signed up for.

The second lunch lecture was from Nelissen. Ivo de Visser, also an alumnus, talked about an interesting building physics project called ‘het huis met de hoofden’, freely translated: ‘the house with the heads’. Interesting solutions were found for ventilation and the positioning of the technical room.

We would like to thank Rowan and Ivo for their interesting insights. Missed the speakers, or are you interested in one of the companies above? More information can be found at the Mollier booth at the 2nd floor of Vertigo or ask the board.