Recap: Lunch Lecture #1

On the 15th of November we had the first lunch lecture of this academic year, with guest speakers coming from Van Hout and Arcadis. Van Hout is an installation and advising company situated in Veldhoven and Arcadis is one of the leading global design and consultancy firms for natural and built assets.

Jan van Hout, director of Van Hout, provided an interesting lecture about how they implement several installation and energy efficient applications in a way that it is clear for the customer. It is important to know who the customer is and what that person needs to know. What is the best choice and what costs can they expect? As an example he discussed a project at Strijp in Eindhoven where they renovated a 40.000 m2 area with an industrial function.

The second speaker was Victor Pastoor, senior consultant buildings for Arcadis, and he talked about how to use consultancy skills. Being a consultant is not only about having knowledge, as one should also know how to implement soft skills such as personality competences, communication skills and consultancy strategies. A lot of students and young engineers underestimate these skills, while they are essential for a successful career.

We want to thank the speakers for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us, as it inspires our future decisions.

For our members that want to read the lecture slides again or that unfortunately missed the lunch lecture, you can send an email to to receive the presentation(s).