Recap: End Activtiy

From Friday the 14th till Sunday the 16th, Molliler gathered their members and put them in some cars to a (for them) unknown location. The drive took 3 hours and a ferry over to the beautiful Texel.

After having arrived and fighting over the best beds, everybody was friends again and cheered to a beautiful weekend together. It was really hot outside, perfect for a BBQ. Beers flowed, burgers were eaten and music was played. Since the weather was so beautiful, we decided to go to the beach and watch the sunset. We were right on time because the sun was just about to hit the water. After some pictures the group went to a local bar to taste some more of the golden fluids. The walk home was through a very dark forest, but everyone survived!

The next morning, we woke up to a sky full of clouds and rain like you’ve never seen before. We called the activity to check if we could postpone the activity since it was outdoors. They said no problem and we waited until the rain stopped. In the afternoon we went to the beach to go… Surfing! The sky had cleared and the sun started to warm us up. After changing into wetsuits, the warming up could start. Before we knew it everyone was paddling in the water trying to stand on the board balancing the waves of Texel. After this exhausting activity we went back to relax a bit, play a bit of soccer, frisbee or other activities. After dinner we had a nice Texel’s beer beer tasting. Afterwards we went to play some games of werewolves where others went out to explore the nightlife of this island.

On Sunday we got up early to clean up our mess and get the house ready for the next occupants. Leftovers were distributed among interested persons and off we went to the forest. This time it was not that dark so we could play a game: Archery Tag. We all got bows and arrows and were divided in two teams. Each team had to hit three of the other team’s wooden beacons to win the game. If you hit a player, he/she is out for one minute. Of course hitting players was waaaay more fun than actually playing the game (right Kay?) but in the end we all had fun. We closed of the afternoon at the beach from where everyone headed home.

Thank you all for the amazing weekend and we hope to see you again next year!