Recap: End Activity 2018

From Friday the 8th till Sunday the 10th of June, Mollier went on an end activity with a big group of 27 people. With 7 cars, everyone had a space for their selves and their luggage to head to the secret location, which turned out to be near the village of Lierneux in the Ardennes, Belgium.

After having arrived, dinner was made (risotto!) and the first beverages of this weekend were drunk, with many to follow. After dinner, the evening was filled up with drinking, games, drinking games, talking and a great speech of the chairman.
The next day everyone had to rise and shine early, for there was an activity planned at 10:00 AM. After breakfast and packing lunch everyone got in their car with their bathing clothes on and went to the village Coo where we would all go kayaking for a distance of almost 7 kilometres. It is needless to say not all would stay dry during the trip downstream, but fun we had! While drying up after the kayaking, a friterie was visited for the needed Belgian fries and snacks (apparently a broodje frikandel is served with fries in Belgium).
Back in the house, not everyone was that active anymore but that all changed when the plans for the evening were revealed: BBQ and karaoke! Many drinks were consumed in the course of the evening and night which we probably all felt the next morning.

Sunday, the day of cleaning and leaving the house, the last activity was planned to the cave of Aywaille. Having first driven to the wrong address, all had miraculously found a parking space for their car near the cave. First we had a walking tour through this cave, which followed in a boat tour in the river which was floating in the cave.

After this activity, it was finally time to say goodbye to each other and some went straight back to Eindhoven while others stayed a little longer to have lunch at another friterie.