Meet & Greet 2016

On the 17th of February the Mollier’ yearly Meet & Greet took place. With 13 out of 16 sponsors present we could say on forehand that the reactions were very positive already. Following by the presence of approximately 45 members once again we could speak of a very successful event.

The afternoon started with an elevator pitch. Immediately one could notice that the atmosphere was informal and that the sense of humour from our sponsors was well appreciated. Especially since the main goal during this drink was to expand your personal network. Get to know the opportunities that the field of building physics and services can provide you during and after your study. Perhaps you will be there next intern, graduate student or colleague. 

Through this post I would like to thank the committee for the organisation of the drink and compiling the information booklet. Information that will be posted and distributed among students through our website. So when you are at the point to look for an intern, (master or graduate) project or perhaps a job, the possibilities for each sponsor are described per field of specialization e.g. heat & moisture, lighting, fire safety engineering, climate control, etc. To help you as far as possible contact information is provided so you can contact the right person of interest that can help you further. Last but not least we would like to thank all sponsors present for their contribution to the Meet & Greet 2016! Thank you!