Lustrum Gala

The Mollier Lustrum Gala at the 20th of February was undeniably a great party! As the party begun as a formal gala with the official photoshoot, it evolved into an unforgettable and awesome party for all people present. A lot of connections were made between the students, alumni and the BPS staff. Besides this, food, drinks and dance moves were good and plentyfull.

We would like to thank our sponsors Unit Building Physics and Services TU/e, Fellow FSE, A.O Beaten NV!

Furthermore, we would like to thank Scala TipoTango Eindhoven for providing us the location, and la Casserole Catering for the good food, the bartenders, and de Groot partyservice!

Thank you all for the great evening! We as Lustrum committee, and 20th board had a very unforgettable evening!

The pictures will follow!