LunchLecture – Kuijpers / Nelissen

Right after a week of relaxing and holidays, we have a Lunch Lecture planned on March 7th! This time Kuijpers and Nelissen bv will talk to you about some interesting topics.

Kuijpers is a company focused on building services and technical installations. They design, build and maintain all sorts of technical installations in commercial buildings as well as industrial buildings. Next to this, Kuijpers is an innovative company, which shows from their ambition: “Our ambition is to achieve only zero energy and healthy systems.”

Our second speaker will be Nelissen, a company which focusses on the integration of building physics, building services and sustainability. They maintain an overall view over the project to ensure this integration and are specialised on building systems, building physics, acoustics, fire safety and sustainability. Nelissen tries to use already known technique in new ways, or as they’ve stated themselves: “We rather use simple technique in a smart way, than use high tech in the wrong way.”

Hope to see you all there!