Lunch lecture 9th of December

Last Tuesday the second lunch lecture took place. This time KP&T and Veccins 3D presented their company and their relation towards building physics and services.

In the first lecture Tom Zentjens and Deborah Dielis presented KP&T, a secondment agency in the field of technique. They started with a global explanations about the work KP&T does and their method how they can help graduates to find a job that is suitable for them. Afterwards Karin Conen (old board member of s.v.b.p.s Mollier) presented how KP&T helped her to find her traineeship at Unica.

The second presentation was held by Frits van Enk about Veccins 3D. This is a installation engineers bureau that only works with BIM (Building Information Model). The vision of the company is that most construction errors can be eliminated by the use of a BIM model. Veccins 3D uses an OpenBIM program where with the use of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) information can be exchanged between all parties in the construction process. One of their projects is ‘Hoog Catharijne’, a shopping mall in Utrecht.

The lunch lecture was visited by 31 students