Lunch Lecture #3

The third lunch lecture took place on the 19th of March. Two of Mollier’s sponsors; Heijmans and LBP|sight presented their company and its interesting projects.

Starting with Berend Doedens, the former treasurer of Mollier (7th board) represented Heijmans. In contrast with most presentation, his focus was on the Civil Engineering side of Heijmans, ranging from tunnels to bridges.

LBP|Sight was represented by Janneke van der Weerd, who was also familiar with the TU/e as a former student Building Physics. Her presentation focused mainly on the Edge, currently the most sustainable office building in the world.

On behalf of the thirty-eight Mollier members that attended the lunch lecture, we would like to thank both Heijmans and LBP|Sight for their presentations.