Lunch lecture #2

Wednesday the 9th of December two companies were present at the second lunch lecture, namely KP&T and Stabiplan. The lunch lecture was visited by more than 30 students. So once again we can speak of a successful lunch lecture! We thank KP&T and Stabiplan for their presence and input!

From KP&T Deborah Dielis and Evy Moonen represented their company. As KP&T is a recruitment agency for the technical branch they asked one of our former members, Erik Bouwens, to share his experiences when applying for a job. Before joining KP&T Erik tried to find a job by himself. Unfortunately his attempt failed and KP&T guided him to prepare himself better for future job interviews. This strategy worked and Erik could chose between several companies, who KP&T brought him in contact with. Nowadays he works with pleasure for Wolter&Dros.

Wilco Griffioen and Tim Blok represented Stabiplan. Stabiplan is know for their software called StabiCad which is common used in BIM (Building Information Modelling) processes. With a lot of enthusiasm Wilco spoke about the possibilities, opportunities and future challenges with StabiCad in a BIM process. He showed us a case in which a building was fully designed in a BIM process. Most companies who engineer buildings (and building services) switch to BIM. A positive trend that should continue according to Wilco.