Excursion with BAM Techniek

April 24th, 2 o’clock: despite a relatively large group was on study trip to Singapore and Malaysia, 22 enthusiastic Mollier members left the TU/e heading to Delft.

This day we were invited by BAM Techniek, one of our main sponsors, to visit their project ‘Stadskantoor Delft’. Although the planning was to start at 4 o’clock, everybody arrived at half past three, since the trains were on schedule for once and the traffic was less of a hustle as usual. Due to the early arrival the presentation and welcome by BAM Techniek started a bit ahead of schedule. On behalf of BAM Techniek, Rob Tollenaar opened the excursion with a word of welcome and a presentation about the company and more specific the project.

Collaborations going on within the project and within the BAM group (between BAM Techniek and BAM Civiel) were highlighted. Also the construction, installations, and architectural integration led to project specific challenges, which were discussed in more detail. The project’s location is in the heart of the city Delft right aside the train station which is still in use every day making the challenge even bigger. The monumental station hall is continuous monitored for displacement to prevent structural damage.

After the presentation, we were provided with helmets, proper shoes and safety jackets, to start the onsite tour safely. For a lot of students it was the first time visiting a building site this size. The interesting aspect about the current building phase of the project is the fact that most of the installation parts are still visible. Some of the students had no clue about the size of the building systems and the challenge to integrate them into the building in a multidisciplinary way. Combining the installations with the structural and architectural demands forms a challenge in this project.

During our tour we came past the buildings heat pump system, the air handling units, fully stacked shafts, air ducts, and standardized piping. We also got a sneak preview of the new train station beneath the building, the city view from the roof tops, and on the floor levels in between; the station hall with stores located, offices, and the most interesting floor: the technical floor. Building safety and especially fire safety measures were shown. All with all, it was a very educational day and with this practical experience we left around 6 o‘clock back to smartest region of Europe.


Edited by: C.M.H. Conen and T.P.W. Thomassen

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