Evaluation Start Activity


After some traffic jams near Luik, we arrived in Trois-Pont, a small village in the middle of nowhere in the Ardennes. After a quick dinner and a couple of beers, we drove near Luik and dropped three groups in random places for a small walk of 7 km to find their way to the city center. After arriving in Luik, we still had a couple of hours to party. Somehow, this resulted in visiting a gay bar for the rest of the night. Sounds familiar…

Saturday was the activity day. One group went for a mountain bike tour of 23 km and the other group had an archery class. The mountain bike trail was fit for experienced mountain bikers, so some people had some struggles to reach the end. In the archery group, Roy Botman won the archery competition and went home with a bottle of champagne. After these activities, it was time for dinner. We served a proper winter BBQ and after that, it was game night.

To close off the weekend, we went to the Val-Dieu Abbey to visit the brewery over there. We had an interesting tour and of course could taste several abbey beers and abbey cheeses. After everybody had bought enough beer and cheese, the Start Activity was over and we drove back to Eindhoven.

We want to thank everyone for joining us on the Start Activity and for making it an amazing weekend! See you at the next activity!