Evaluation lunch lecture #5

The 12th of May Kuijpers and Nelissen joined for the 5th lunch lecture of this academic year. Nelissen guided around 25 interested members through the challenges they face regarding fire safety engineering. The case discussed was the extension of a school, where among other the new built addition blocks the escape route of the present building. A interesting case for the more building physics minded members among us. Kuijpers on the other side highlighted a building services related project. They discussed the challenges that lay within the replacement and maintenance of the mechanical installations for the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven. The challenge was not only to design a new installation, but especially how to replace the current installation in such way that the hospital could operate under its normal conditions. We would like to thank Nelissen and Kuijpers for the interesting lecture and hopefully see some of our members participating in a project at one of these companies. More information can be found at the Mollier booth at the 2nd floor of Vertigo or ask the 20th board.