Evaluation lunch lecture #1



The 13th of October Deerns and van Hout joined for the 1st lunch lecture of this academic year. The lectures were very different. Bastiaan Berens, a former student of the mastertrack Building Physics and Services, explained around 30 students every detail about what Deerns has to offer as a company. Many interesting projects were displayed, within every area Deerns is involved in. Jan van Hout, gave us “Food 4 thought”, as he said it. Van Hout has a mission. Van Hout wants to reduce the CO2 emissions, with as less money as possible. He explained possible options to reduce CO2 emissions. And he proposed a method to organize CO2 reductions in relation with the Net Present Value. We would like to thank Deerns and van Hout for the interesting lectures and hopefully see some of our members participating in a project at one of these companies. More information can be found at the Mollier booth at the 2nd floor of Vertigo or ask the 21st board.