Day 9

By Stijn and Wouter K

During sunset all participants are resting peacefully on one ear. So the hostel was peaceful and quiet. At 8:05 hell breaks loose. Alarms are ringing the bedrooms. Bags are stuffed with dirty laundry, toiletries and other necessary attributes needed to survive in the jungle. Today we will arrive at Sao Paulo, the financial heart of the Brazilian economy. Before the trip is going to start, bags and suitcases are loaded on a jeep. Our stay in this village taught us that the streets made of cobblestones make it almost impossible to transport the luggage to the bus station by foot.

Half an hour later the bus station is in sight over the cobblestones, that are still wet of yesterday’s flooding. Now the bus trip can finally start. Almost all participants participate with full enthusiasm in the game called Jungle Bingo! Unfortunately, no parrot was spotted in the misty mountains of the jungle, because every participant used this time to sleep and rest.

After listening to music, sleeping and the deep throat performance of Tom, every awakes slowly from a long fuddle of the eight hour drive. Our visit to the Sala concert hall is unfortunately cancelled, due to traffic jams in the enormous metropole. Thanks to the extensive metro network of Sao Paulo, our travel to the hostel was possible with public transport. The Hostel, again a Limetime hostel, looks small between the enormous high rise buildings and has a cozy, international and for now also a known “Brabants” atmosphere. In order to eat, the group is relocating to the nearby shopping mall. Despite of the hunger, the women needed blinkers, to prevent them from getting distracted by al the jewelry and clothing stores. On the highest floor everybody could decide for themselves what to eat and where. This resulted in a very unhealthy but tasty meal. Later this evening we celebrated our arrival in Sao Paulo in a traditional Brazilian manner.