Day 9 Studytrip South Korea

We got up relatively early again this day and traveled to the famous Gangnam district to visit the architect and design office of Planning Korea. We were warmly welcomed with a cup of coffee and tea which was very useful after a short night of sleep.

Planning Korea is a company with a modern approach, taking into account not only the esthetics but also the sustainability and the profit in terms of increasing the value of the building for the owner and the surroundings of the building. The architects draw their inspiration from art and nature which was visible in the large number of projects. In general, the main scopes of the designs are:

  1. Profit for citizens & the country
    2. Create an example with no examples
    3. Leave a legacy for next generation

This company participated in several design competitions and won several prices with their designs. For instance Seoul Culti Polis – Farming City, which brings together different functions in one building.

As the cherry on top, we had the honor to meet the chairman of Planning Korea and take a peak in his office. Eventhough, this man is a very successful architect, he was very humble and happy with the gifts from the Netherlands the committee offered him.

After this interesting morning, everybody had some free time to buy some souvenirs and eat dinner. Eventually, we closed the day with an interesting game of werewolves again.

– written by Jantje and Lara-