Day 8

By Kay and Giel

The day started with a nice breakfast, including the Brazilian fruit Papaya, at the hostel. After the breakfast everybody walked to jeeps for a long tour. The first stop of the jeep tour was at the fort of Paraty, a pity for Giel and Lennert as they already went there in the early morning. The location of the fort was ideal to see ships coming from the ocean. This means it has a nice view over paraty itself and the bay.

The second stop which was visited contained an old hydroplant, which was put out of order a long time ago. Next to this old hydroplant a waterfall was located where many of us took a swim.
After again a short tour by jeep, a visitation to the cachaca distilerry was done. Here we got a guided tour through the cachaca process and at the end of the tour we were able to taste different kind a cachacas.
At one o’clock we took a lunch in big natural garden next to the river. Some of us needed this lunch hardly because of the stop before. After a quick lunch most of us took the chance to explore the natural garden to get some papayas or to climb the rocks in the river.
The jeep tour continued again and we ended up at a river where rocks created a natural waterslide. In the beginning most of us wanted to make use of this waterslide, but some of us underestimated the height of the waterslide when they were on top of the rock. In the end we had different experiences of this waterslide as not everyone went of the slide very smoothly, right Silke? And some of us have some small memorable marks on the body from the slide. Also a second distillery was visited where again some different kind of cachaças could be tasted.
The evening program consisted of drinking our home made caipirinha and caipirinha papaya, which we found in the afternoon. While drinking these very tasty drinks the water level of the bay was increasing due to the moon and flood. This resulted that the street in front of our hostel was filled up with the seawater. We were lucky to see this monthly happening in Paraty and it was a good end of a beautiful day of nature.