Kingsday Malaysia

Day 8, Malaysia

City tour

The beginning of day 10 was a hard one again. At 9 o’clock we started with the city tour through Kuala Lumpur, where we have seen all the beautiful places in the city and got to know how Kuala Lumpur has became the city that it is nowadays.

The first stop was at the National history museum, where we became awake. After about 40 minutes we went to the next spot, the National mosque. We could enter the mosque, by changing our western clothing for a muslims robe. The result you can see in the picture below.

After this we went to the palace of the king. We couldn’t see a lot of the palace because of the distance, so we enjoyed ourselves by taking pictures of the guards, which were sitting on a horse, which was trying to stand still.

Day 8, btl 2014, moslims

Than we went to the national monument which is founded to commemorate all the soldiers from Malaysia who fell into dead during the war against Japan for getting independent.

At last we went to the independence square where we could buy some gadgets for our loved ones.

KL Tower

After the tour we went to the hostel to get prepared for the literally HIGH tea in the KL tower, which has a height of 421 m. At a height of 282, there was a huge restaurant, with in the middle the high tea buffet. The view at this height was very nice, because the restaurant was turning around every hour. So we could see the whole city. We where impressed the most of the view, but also by the food. We thought that it was very boring for the men, just like in Holland, but here it was totally different. There was a lot of food, such as cakes, cookies, noodles, fried food, sushi, ice cream, etc. So everyone was completely full of food.

Everyone was also impressed of the toilets, because it has a computer on it, for adjusting the height of the toilet, cleaning your butt, configuring the water temperature etc.

Probably the most memorable moment of this high tea was the moment that the waiter brought a chocolate cake with a candle light for the celebration of Barry’s birthday.

King’s day

Even though we’re on the other side of the world we were celebrating King’s day. In the evening everyone was dressed up in orange, which took the attention of everyone who has a connection with the Netherlands. This night we went to two pubs where we drank a few beers on Willy’s birthday.

Bas & Bart