Day 7 Studytrip South Korea

In the morning we went to The National Museum of Korea. When we came there where we saw a grand building with all kinds of artefacts from Korea and Asia. From prehistoric digged up artifacts and chinaware to calligraphy, furniture and Buddhist statues. It was interesting to see how this building was designed.

From there we travelled, with most of the group, to Incheon. To the smart city district “Songdo”.  This district is built on reclaimed land of the Yellow Sea, according to smart principles where they use information technology to manage and control the city. We saw a few of the buildings and got a presentation of the history of the district in the Smart City Exhibition. It started raining when we were there, because of this instead of walking around through the smart city. We got a bus tour through the region. The last few days we had some trouble with yellow dust, which is small dust coming from the deserts of Mongolia and northern China. For which some of us had to use dusk mask. So this was actually quite pleasant. With this bus we discovered Incheon and had a good meal at a local place at the sinpo market.

Instead of smart city, the acoustics group (Diyako, Jantje, Keven and our translator Qing, a nice staff in our hostel) went to Karaoke room, not for fun (seriously) but for indoor acoustics measurements.  In Europe countries, most of the karaoke is a wide space with a group of people. However, it is common that people sing in a private room in Asian countries.  Today acoustics group found and tested two different  private karaoke rooms, using equipments to measure the reverberation time and STI. Although our karaoke “neighbours”, who sang in a high volume like sopranos, brought a little trouble to our measurements, group acoustics still accomplished the missions.

At the end of the day we joined up again and finished the day having a drink and playing games at the hostel.

-written by Ruben and Keven-