Day 5, Singapore

The morning was free for everybody to pack their bags and get ready for checking out from the hostel, because in the evening we were going to take  the night train to Kuala Lumpur. At 12 o’clock we checked out  and left our bags at the hostel. With the metro we went to Gardens by the Bay. Carly Lamb, a landscape architect from Grand Associates, gave us a tour. Gardens by the Bay was an international architectural contest, which was won by Grand Associates six years ago. The park contributes to Singapore’s goal of a green and sustainable environment.

The two glass and steel green houses in the form of shells close to the river contain each one a specific environment which is threatened by the global warming. One has a cool and dry climate with Mediterranean plants, the other one has a cool and humid climate which can be found in areas with rain forest. For the cooling, organic waste, like grass or part of trees, is used which is collected throughout the whole city. Chilled air is blown in only on the pedestrian level to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore special glass and sunscreens are used to lower the solar radiation. All these features added up help to meet the energy requirements which are set up for offices.

The installations to maintain the climate in the cooling houses are hidden underneath a layer of earth which is covered by grass and plants to keep the machinery out of the visitors sight. Used air needs to be extracted from the buildings. Here the super trees, which are the eye catchers of the park, function as chimneys. Besides that they have other functions like a restaurant/ bar at the top of the tree in the middle or they contain PV panels on top. After the tour we still had some time to discover the green houses ourselves.


We left the park in the afternoon and went back to the district Little India, which is close to our hostel, to have dinner there. Afterwards we rushed back to our hostel to get our bags. After a 45 minutes walk we arrived at the bus stop for the bus in direction Malaysia. At first being afraid of not making it on time due to the huge queue we ended up all together in one bus which was too small for all of our luggage. After a ride of half an hour we arrived at the border of Singapore and Malaysia where our bags and passports had to be checked. After a smooth transition we waited at the platform on our train which supposed to depart at 23:30.

Here we come, Kuala Lumpur!

Franziska & Manon