Day 3 Study trip South Korea

-Written by Marissa and Ola-

After a lack of sleep at the first night in the hostel, today started the first programmed day! Today the buhkasan hike was planned. The hike was not that advanced, would take 2.5 hours in total and Stephen said you could even do it on flip-flops. Unfortunately this wasn’t really the case. After a small search to the bus station and the different busses, we began with the hike. After a half hour walk on a hardened and nice path, the real work started. A trap of stone followed and then the path continued in stones, stones and more stones. A nice climb followed, in which it appeared to be essential to have some good condition and some good climbing shoes. After too much sweat, some impossible ways and a lot of anxiety we reached the top of the mountain! The view was amazing and the climb was definitely worth it. After the long way back, we ate a Korean stew with the whole group, where the enormous pans of meat should be cooked by yourself. Eventually half of the group stranded in the garden with some beers and soju and the evening became really cosy.