Day 2, Singapore

After a crazy pub crawl yesterday we headed to Sentosa today. With a little hangover we went to this man made island with its white beaches and entertainment park for a day at the beach. With our swimming shorts and bikinis on we took the metro line, some walk and monorail as transportation. The island was facing to more than 100 big ships waiting to enter the nearby harbor. The harbor is one of the main revenues because of the good accessibility to the main land of south-east Asia. After a swim in the warm water, resting and some ball games we went to harbor port mall.

This mall does feel like a huge American shopping mall with at least 4 levels into the ground with miles of mainly western orientated shops. Here we had dinner and some coffee before we had our night trip to the Southern Ridges walk. The Southern ridges walk is located nearby the harbor city metro station, but since it was a huge mall we couldn’t find the exit to the ridges at once. The walk to the ridge of the mountain behind the metro station was through a very dark pathway called Marang Trial. On the ridge there we had an amazing view of the skyline of the southern side of Singapore. On this ridge there were more paths which leads us to some beautiful bridges over the hill tops.

We had a little accident with Lisan who felt into 0.5 meter deep rain water drainage. She injured here shin, but luckily we had the first-aid kit and Patrick who could perform the first aid. For the people at home Lisan is fine and can walk pretty well.

We ended the night with some drinks at our hostel before we went to bed. Tomorrow we visit the National University of Singapore and the Future Cities Laboratory (in cooperation with the ETH Zurich).

Kevin & Koop-Pieter