Day 10

By Hanneke and Babette

Due to privacy, the names in this article are censored. This article is based on a true story and actual events.

Thursday the 19th of May started with a game of Mariokart inside the hostel at 00:00am, whilst drinking a homemade caipirinha. Heineken was not allowed to join this game due to the fact that she had gained experience in taxidriving in Rio de Janeiro. This LimeTime personnel closes the bar at 00:00am so 8 pioneers decided to fulfill the heavy duty of discovering the nightlife of Sao Paulo.

2 taxis escorted them to Beco, where they maintained an ‘Open Bar’ for the tremendous amount of 12,50 euros. If you were below 18, a passport must be shown at the security guard who was wearing a beautiful panterprint scarf, of which several Fishes became really jealous. The wodka-cokes, sex on the beaches and mojito’ s cleared our thirst, but for the ones that were not satisfied yet, there was enough opportunity to taste some Brazilian culture as well. Luckily we also had some Dutch glory to share with  Brazil, although the full moon was the night before. When everybody was satisfied we to a taxi home to enjoy a well deserved good night sleep.

2 hours later the alarms went of and we had to find our beautiful study trip polo in the dark because the power went out. We went to the Universidade de Sao Paulo where we started at the faculty of Civil engineering. First Professor Jay kicked off the presentations and explained us that sand in Brazil is rare and therefore very expensive, which resulted in his research on concrete and how to replace the binder with another filler.

This presentation was followed by a presentation of Doctor Mia, who gave us a presentation about CFD & Energy Plus, and her research about indoor air quality. Finally, PhD candidate Rafaela ended the session of presentations with her presentation about the CICS Living Lab. After that it was our turn to give presentations that were given by Lara, Tom and Daan.

The lunch took place at a kilorestaurant on campus, after which we went to the faculty of Architecture where a very interesting presentation was held. The students of Architecture (under which Jacob, Julianna, Icaru, Victor and not to forget Eduardo) gave us a lot of tips for the rest of our stay in the city of Sao Paulo.

We ended the night with a delicious Brazilian barbecue in the hostel.

We would like to address our final words to the parents of Daniel Glas, to congratulate them with their 28th wedding anniversary!