Day 10, Malaysia

Unfortunately, today was the last day of our studytrip. A last visit to a company called ARUP was planned. ARUP is an international company specialized in mechanical, structural, civil and geotechnical engineering. ARUP aims on creating environments that are comfortable for occupants, economic for owners and efficient with resources. With 90 offices in 35 countries and 10000 planners, designers, engineers and consultants they are truly global focused.

A short presentation was given by the Mechanical & Electrical director of the Malaysian department of ARUP focused on the diverse projects ARUP was involved in. The presentation showed that the company is mostly involved with high-rise buildings, especially in Malaysia. Most of the employees of ARUP Malaysia are locals with an exchange of knowledge and expertise with other ARUP departments abroad. In addition, a more detailed presentation in which the involvement of ARUP in the development of the KKR2 high-rise building was presented. Among others ARUP was involved in the development of air conditioning, rain water harvesting, fire protection and mechanical ventilation systems. Afterwards two specialist joined the gathering for some additional information and to answer questions. The visit ended with our last delicious Malaysian lunch.

After the visit we had some spare time to do last-minute souvenir shopping or a massage next to the hostel. Due to heavy rain our plan to have a dinner before we went to the airport was cancelled. So we took ’’Air Force One’’ (how our taxidriver called his shuttlebus) to the airport where we had our last dinner. The flight to Amsterdam had again a stop in Frankfurt where we, after a flight with some turbulence, arrived at Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately at Amsterdam we found out that one of the suitcases was left at Frankfurt airport. At Schiphol we said our goodbyes and everyone went their own way and we could look back on a successful trip!


Bareld & Babette