Day 1

By: Gerton & Wies

There we go, as 20 students of Mollier to Brazil! At three in the morning we gathered at the station of Eindhoven. Some slept two/tree hours and others didn’t even sleep. Chairman Tom is the 20st man arriving making the group complete. Busdriver Hans drove us to Brussel airport. In the bus starts te panicking about the weight of the ladies’ luggage. Most people fell asleep for half an hour after a while. After arriving on the airport Zavertem had to be waited a long time. There wasn’t very much comfort for sleeping at the airport, so waiting was the main activity before boarding the plane. Takeoff and landing, all we can say about this flight, which was over after 25 minutes. At Schiphol was enough time changing planes, at least, as the Customs official (an Ajacied) allowed Michiel (who wore a PSV shirt) to pass by. Once boarded in a new Dreamliner unit of KLM a number of people already slept before the plane took off. During the flight, the staff took care of everyone by offering a satisfying amount of food.

There was also an entertainment system that allowed everyone to have fun by playing chess against each other or by watching a movie. While landing in Rio de Janeiro, everyone was surprised about the fact that it was already dark at 17:45. After retrieving luggage, we saw a man with a sign ‘Stefan Koenders’ who we  followed to the bus. We booked a bus for 24 people including 24 suitcases, which should fit easily. Nevertheless, only 5 suitcases fit in the back. The rest of the bags were taken into the passenger area of the bus. Arriving at the hostel we were welcomed with free caipirinhas for the whole evening, if we appeared wrapped in our bedsheets (like a toga). They also offered to cook for us, this would be served within an hour. 2 hours later, the first half of the group could eat. The second half followed after thirty minutes (which was predicted to be 5 minutes after the first serving). The food was definitely worth the wait, chickens with a mustard sauce and potatoes! Most of the group were already awake nearly 48 hours (maybe 2.5 hours uncomfortable sleep on the plane) decided to go to bed immediately after eating. A long and tiring journey, but one thing is certain, we are in Rio!