Day 4 Studytrip South Korea

After a rough day and a short night of sleep we went on a city trip. First stop: Changdeokgung palace and the Huwon secret garden, which was in practice the back of the palace. The palace is mentioned in the UNESCO list for outstanding architecture.

After visiting the palace we went for lunch at a very large market hall, similar to a bazaar, enjoying the delicious native streetfood like noodles (hot and cold) and pork-omelettes.

The journey continued to the vantage point of Bukchon Hanok giving a great view over the traditional neighbourhood. This area shows the importance of proper roofing and the quality of the traditional building method, so in fact the importance of the master BPS.

The last stop was the kingdoms palace: Gyeongbukgung palace. Built in 1395, it is located in northern Seoul and the largest of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon dynasty. After walking about 13km trough the city we split up in order to get some typical Korean dinner. This was because it turned out to be impossible to find a spot for 20 people on a Saturday night. Finally we enjoyed the evening in the hostels’ garden with a local drink: soju, which is based on rice or bamboo.

-written by Michiel and Bram-